HANS ZILLER - Lead Guitar
ALEXX STAHL - Lead Vocals
FRANK PANÉ - Lead Guitar

Only few German rock acts can look back at as long and successful a career as BONFIRE.

The predecessor - a group called CACUMEN, which was also founded by Hans Ziller and featured more or less the same lineup - the band has been around since 1972, has operated under its current moniker since 1986 and released more than two dozen albums and scored on the European charts many times.

During the most successful phase of thier career, BONFIRE was counted alongside the SCORPIONS and ACCEPT as among Germany's three internationally most acclaimed acts, celebrating major success all over Europe and worldwide.

BONFIRE's trademarks are and have always been deeply melodic hard rock songs, driven by captivating guitars, grooving rhythms and haunting vocal melodies.

The band's biggest hit was the Fireworks album which recieved a Golden Record and was nominated for an Echo Award.

Band founder and main composer Hans Ziller is the only original member in the current BONFIRE cast and has the sole naming rights to BONFIRE. With their new singer Alexx Stahl, who joined the band two years ago, and a top-notch cast in all positions, the band's creativity explodes on their current album "Temple Of Lies" (released on 13.04.2018) and will definitely attract a younger rock audience.

Incidentally, BONFIRE can call their own a 51-year-old diesel locomotive dressed in the Bonfire logo and design. The 63-tonne 1350-hp locomotive of the Staudenbahn SVG group of companies is not a museum piece, but a real, functioning locomotive!!

Band website: http://www.bonfire.de/

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