TOTO is one of the biggest classic rock bands in the world, with world hits like "Hold the Line", "Rosanna" or "Africa". Above all, the vocals of original singer BOBBY KIMBALL significantly shaped the success of TOTO.

TOTO have produced 18 great albums to date and were inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2009. Founding member BOBBY KIMBALL helped the group with his distinctive voice to six Grammys, u.a. as the best rock singer, as well as about 30 million records sold.

After co-producing the first four albums, he left TOTO and dedicated himself to his successful solo career.

Countless collaborations with musicians such as Al Jarreau, Frank Farian (Far Corporation), Barbra Streisand, Richard Marx, Jimi Jamison or Diana Ross lie behind him. In between, he reunited as a member of TOTO again until 2009 and has been solo since then.

Artist website: http://www.bobbykimball.com/

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