Johnny Gioeli founded the successful band Hardline in the commercial boom phase of classic American hard rock together with his brother Joey and Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

The 1992 released work "Double Eclipse" is one of the classics of the genre with hits like "Hot Cherie", "Dr. Love" and "Life's A Bitch".

After the dissolution of the group, it was quiet for a few years for the exceptional singer, until in 1998, when one of the most successful German hard-rock guitarist, Axel Rudi Pell, asked Johnny to bring his talent onboard. To date, he has released 15 albums with Pell, all of which have entered the German charts, most recently the Top 5.

The band is a regular at all major heavy metal festivals in Europe and sometimes touring twice a year through the big clubs. Since 2002 Gioeli has also been active with changing line-ups with Hardline and regularly records new CDs.

Hardline have also appeared live in Europe several times in recent years - often at major festivals.

Artist website: https://www.facebook.com/johnnygioeliofficial/

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